On the KorAccess home screen, individuals responsible for processing approvals may see — and attend to — what’s currently “on their plate”…

Summary-level records for requests requiring your approval (with information such as the request ID; the requestor and requestee(s); the type of request; the requested resource(s); how long the request has awaited your approval; and the overall age of the request)  are listed at the top of the screen. You may select a request in order to (1) drill down and see additional information (including a detailed accounting of each resource and a request history for every requestee/resource combination that specifies each step in the approval process), and/or (2) process an approval-related action.

Approval-related actions include:

  • Approve, to approve the entire request
  • Deny, to deny the entire request
  • Other, to specify other actions; specifically to
    • Request additional information
    • Reassign the request for someone else’s approval
    • Custom-process specific requestee/resource combination

In custom processing, you may approve, deny or take no immediate action on each available requestee/resource combination, designating through your choices by toggling through an intuitive, user-friendly matrix with resources arrayed in rows and requestees arrayed in columns. If, for example, you wish to approve a requested resource for one requestee but deny it for a second and take no immediate action for a third, you can easily do so through custom processing, designating your desired choices in the cells associated with each relevant row/column combination.

You may also record comments that explain why you took specific approval-related actions. Once you have completed processing your approval for a request, it moves on to the next step(s) in the approval process; if there are no more steps in the process, the request is completed.