Anyone can create a request through KorAccess — no technical expertise or outside assistance is necessary.

This means that individuals may create self-service requests for themselves, Human Resources (HR) personnel may create onboarding or offboarding requests for new hires or terminated staff, departmental and project managers may create requests for their subordinates, and so on. You name it, you can do it through KorAccess, which will even handle automated requests submitted from other system sources (such as ticketing systems and HR systems) through automated interfaces/connectors (more on that elsewhere).

With KorAccess, you frame out a request by first supplying basic Request Details. You begin this step of the process by specifying one of two types of access:

  • Create Access to provide access to, or provision, one or more organizational resources for one or more selected individuals
  • Delete Access to remove access to, or deprovision, one or more organizational resources for one or more selected individuals

KorAccess includes a flexible search feature to help you designate the appropriate individuals for your request. To use this search feature, just key in letters from a user’s first/middle/last name or user ID, click the search button and select the correct name from the list. You may then repeat the process to add additional user(s) to your request.

Once you have provided Request Details by selecting the type of access you wish to request and designating the appropriate individual(s), you are ready to complete your request by  Selecting Resources.