Selecting any organizational resource through KorAccess —  from business cards to Information Techology applications — is simple but flexible…

After you have framed out a request by providing request details, you are ready to select one or more organizational resources for provisioning/deprovisioning. You begin by specifying whether you want to do so through an a la carte or a role-based selection. An a la carte selection enables you to designate any resources you wish from a Resource Tree pre-populated with organizational resources; a role-base selection enables you to designate all resources associated with one or more roles of your choice. For example, if you wish to request special access to resources required for a temporary or project-related assignment, you would select the necessary resources on an a la carte basis; alternatively, if you wish to request standard access for a new hire to resources that are required in his/her new role, you would select role-based access.

Selecting a la carte access enables you to pick and choose resources from an expandable Resource Tree, which is structured like a standard Windows Explorer tree; you simply click on the check box next to a desired resource. Selecting role-based access enables you to pick and choose roles, prompting you with a list of available roles that have associated, role-based resource templates; here, you simply click on the check box next to a desired role.

Once you’ve selected the check boxes you want, you are ready to proceed to confirming requests, the third and final step in the request creation (i.e., provisioning/deprovisioning) process.