KorAccess: the Full Lifecycle Identity, Governance and Administration (IGA) Product for Controlling Access to Your Organization’s Resources…

Q: What Is KorAccess?

KorAccess is an intuitive, configurable, reliable tool that provides next generation access to organizational resources throughout the end-user lifecycle, from on-boarding to promotions, transfers, temporary assignments and special projects and, ultimately, through off-boarding.

Q: Why Use KorAccess?

KorAccess directly addresses a number of business issues associated with providing such access, including:

  • Productivity loss
  • Security exposure
  • Inefficiencies in assigning business resources/assets to individuals
  • Regulatory and legal audit trail requirements
  • High cost of implementation
  • Unnecessarily Information Technology (IT)-centric focus

By using KorAccess, you can:

  • Eliminate productivity loss arising from delays in not having needed resources and assets
  • Decrease security exposure arising from misallocation of resources
  • Increase efficiency by automating approval, provisioning/deprovisioning and compliance-related processes
  • Provide a regulatory and legal audit trail

KorAccess is:

  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Neither IT-centric nor business-centric

Q: How is KorAccess different?

KorAccess differs from other IGA solutions because it:

  • Houses an online resource catalog that addresses both IT and non-IT resources
  • Has highly configurable approval workflows that can vary not only by resources but also by the type of access to a given resource (e.g., granting edit access and read only access for a given resource can follow two different approval workflows
  • Permits the revoking of access from any data custodian’s vantage point
  • Provides proactive recommendations for revoking access based on rules predefined by a resource’s data custodian
  • Provides proactive recommendations for access to additional resources based on past requests for a given role
  • Grants role-based access to standard resources as well as a la carte access to special-need resources
  • Is capable of granular control of application or database resources at the record level
  • Is priced more competitively than current generation solutions

For more details on the rationale and benefits of providing next generation access to your organization’s resources through a product such as KorAccess, please view our white paper on the subject (White Paper-Next Gen Access-v 1.3-20150513).